Ælfric was Uhtred of Bebbanburg's uncle. After Uhtred was taken by the Danes and Uhtred's father died, Ælfric usurped Uhtred's position as the lord of Bebbanburg.


The Saxon TalesEdit

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The Last KingdomEdit

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  • Prior to his usurpation of Bebbanburg, may have served as the Sciregerefa or 'shire-reeve' (the origin of "sheriff") in the territory of Bebbanburg.
  • As the sole Anglo-Saxon Earl ruling in the Kingdom of Northumbria after the Danish conquest, Aelfric referred to himself as the "Lord of Bernicia", the name for what used to be the northern-most Anglo-Saxon realm in Britain prior to its unification with Deira (Yorkshire and County Durham), which formed the kingdom of Northumbria in the mid-7th century. Bernicia was ruled from Bebbanburg.

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