"He was a man I hated, and he had hated me. He had been a vengeful little Welshman, a rabid priest, who had wormed his way into King Alfred's affections and then licked the royal arse like a demented dog lapping up blood after the autumn livestock slaughter. [...] He had been made bishop of Scireburnan, an especially rich reward in a plumb shire.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Asser is from the Tyddewi (St David's) in the Welsh kingdom of Dyfed (modern Pembrokeshire).
  • The name 'Asser' is thought to based on the Hebrew name "Asher", meaning 'blessed'. It was common for ordained Christian priests and monks to adopt names derived from the Bible. Asser's native birthname may have been Gwyn, which also means 'blessed' in Welsh.


  1. The Empty Throne, chapter 8.

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