Brida is Uhtred's friend and later lover. Like Uhtred, she is Saxon in origin, and is adopted by the Danes after they see the ruins of her village, wiped out by a raiding party from a rival band of Vikings and experience Brida's feisty nature. Also like Uhtred, she comes to love the Danes for their free-spirited nature. She and Uhtred become playmates and close friends. When they reach adolescence, they become lovers. Brida becomes pregnant by Uhtred but miscarries.


Along with Uhtred, she learns the art of making charcoal for forging steel, and so survives along with Uhtred when Ragnar and the others are killed in the night-time attack by Kjartan The Cruel. Brida despises the straight-laced, pious Christian Saxons of Alfred's court even more than Uhtred does. When they both have the opportunity to join Ragnar the Younger, Uhtred decides to return to Alfred to complete his oath-sworn service, and she does stays with the Danes, later becoming lovers with Ragnar the Younger - now known as Ragnar Ragnarson at the time of the events. As of The Burning Land Brida hates Uhtred for abandoning the fight against Wessex with Ragnar.


The Saxon TalesEdit

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The Last KingdomEdit

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Trivia Edit

  • In the book The Last Kingdom, Brida came from East Anglia; the BBC series changed that to Northumbria.

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