Fierce Irish warrior sworn to Uhtred. In the "Warriors of the Strom" Finan explains why he was exiled from Ireland and forced into Sverri (the slaver) hands. Finan was married to a royal daughter of the Uí Néill. He and his younger brother Conall were princes. Finan fell in love with Conall's wife, a simple dairy maid from Ó Domhnaill. they rode south to hide. The Uí Néill pursued them and Finan was stripped of everything. Conall took Uí Néill wife for his own and raised Finan's sons. Finan supposedly kills his own son or nephew that curses him before death. "I am the betrayer, the cursed."

Trivia Edit

  • Finan "the Agile" makes his first appearance in The Lords of the North, the third book of the Saxon Stories.
  • Finan comes from the Ulaid kingdom in the eastern part of Northern Ireland, as revealed in Warriors of the Storm.
  • His sword Is called Soul-Stealer.

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