Uhtred married the Danish Gisela, sister of King Guthred of Northumbria. When Uhtred was betrayed by Guthred as part of Guthred's alliance with Ælfric, Gisela was devastated. She determinedly waited for Uhtred to return and soon after Uhtred took Dunholme, they were married. She often relies on Viking runes to tell her of the future, sharing her predictions with Uhtred. She swore not to leave Uhtred's side. They had three children (Uhtred, Stiorra and Osbert).

In The Burning Land, she and their fourth child both die, much to Uhtred's grief. Uhtred was loving and fiercely loyal to Gisela, and wept bitterly at her death, though only in front of Finan. Uhtred accidentally killed a blind monk out of anger, by breaking his neck with a single blow, for him calling Gisela a witch (among other things) in Alfred's court after she had died.

Trivia Edit

  • Gisela and her brother, Guthred, are the children of a Danish jarl who settled in Cumbraland (modern Cumbria).