Skorpa of the White Horse was a feared Sword-dane, a Viking Warlord met by Uhtred in Cornwalum. There, he made a deal with Uhtred to betray the Britons, steal their wealth and to split the plunder, only for Skorpa to betray Uthred in turn. Taking information he has gathered about Ubba's resting place, Skorpa led a raid which sacked the Church which stood above his grave.

He would later take part in the Danish invasion of Wessex, but due to his ambition, he became at odds with King Guthrum. This eventually led to him try to gain an alliane with Odda the Younger, but his death led to Skorpa to reunite with King Guthrum in the final battle, where he personally killed Uthred wife as revenge. He was killed by Uhtred in the Battle of Ethandun.

Skorpa serves as one of the main antagonists of Season 1.


The Last KingdomEdit

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Season 2

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